About Us

Kim - Manager

Growing up I have always been obsessed with animals. Literally all of them, furry to slithery. I knew at a young age I wanted to work with animals. Growing up my mom and I would always take in stray dogs and I have never had a time in my life when I didn't have an animal, specifically a dog. when I was 14 I started volunteering at a zoo and when I turned 16 the offered me a job as a big cat animal caretaker. The first nail clip I ever did was on a 300lb tiger. Originally I wanted to go to college to be a zoologist buth then I started helping my friend with grooming all her show champion american cocker spaniels and helping family members groom and take care of their dogs. I fell in love with it. It allowed me to be able to embrace my creativity while also still being able to work on animals.

In 2003, when I graduated high school instead of going on to college to become a zoologist, I went to the South Carolina school of dog grooming in Irmo SC to become a certified dog groomer.Grooming went from being a profession for me to being my passion. I've been Grooming for 19 years and I still learn new things and information of the trade by continuing education so I can stay up on the latest trends and techniques.

I love working on these animals and the special bond you have while grooming them.  When I am not grooming I am rescuing animals and nursing them to health, particularly reptiles and I also enjoy bonding and play sessions with my 3 dogs. Gemma (Akita/Malinois), Jager (Belgian Malinois) and Taza (Chow Chow).

Khyra - Front End Manager

Hi! My name is Khyra, and this is my sweet Pom KoKo. Growing up I wanted to be in the medical field but I could never deny my love for dogs. I have always been amused by nature and animals of different kinds because of my passion for animals I decided to apply to DDG and I have been  nothing but happy since. The extra snuggles I get from our fur babies are a plus!!! Our team takes pride in our grooms and also our customer service. There is no other place I would rather be.

Janice -  P/T Front End

Carlea - Groomer

My name is Carlea. I have been grooming for 3 years. I have 3 mini schnauzers (Boujee, Juicy and Lady) and a rescue pitty (Prince). I have always had a strong love for dogs and being a pet groomer provides me with the opportunity to love on dogs all day and to use my artistic skills to make them look as good as they make me feel! I love to execute a great schnauzer cut however doodles of every kind have stole my heart and became my favorite groom to do. I look forward to building strong relationships with you and your fur baby.

Stephanie - Groomer

My name is Stephanie and I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, California. After I graduated high school I started a journey of earning certifications in every animal related category I could find. I finished programs that certified me as a vet assistant and a dog trainer. In 2015 I moved to Watertown, New York where I discovered dog grooming.  I moved a few more times before settling in Charlotte to be closer to family. My dogs, Percival and Amelia, are the loves of my life!

Susan - Groomer

I'm Susan and I am a proud pet mom to 2 hound dog rescues, Mickey & Marvin, and 4 horses. I've been grooming 25yrs.  Prior to that I worked as a mental health Social Worker. I've been an animal lover my whole life, and have had all types of pets since childhood. I've been involved in pet charities and fund raising for shelter pets over the years. I also advocate for spay/neuter and pet adoption. I've groomed all breeds throughout my career, but I have found so much joy focusing just on the "littles" and the special needs and senior pups in the past few years. Being a grandmother now, I think that you develop that extra patience for those little ones who are sometimes more anxious in such a big "people world." 😊. I love that I'm able to actually be inside the small pet area separated from the larger dogs, so I can interact with the littles during their spa day😊 I'm also very excited about the new coloring trend for pets using safe pet products just for the extra fun! Ask for more details for pet color designs! Grooming at Dilworth is such a fun atmosphere with all the dogs playing and interacting with all the groomers in the open, cage free environment is a dog lovers dream! I look forward to Grooming your little one soon! 

Columbia -  Groomer

Alayna - Groomer

Hello! My name is Alayna and I have been grooming dogs for nearly 3 years now. I've always loved animals and especially dogs and have not had much time in my life spent without a 4-legged companion at my side. Grooming quickly went from a career to a passion for me. It also introduced me to a love for Poodles. I adopted my first white standard poodle "Belle" last year at 8 weeks old who quickly went from puppy to "heart-dog" status, in an instant. I had the best 7 months with her before she tragically developed a serious illness and had to be put to sleep. Belle taught me true loyalty and companionship of a dog that I had never experienced in the 18 years I've owned them. I now have a 1 year old Standard and a 3 month old Standard puppy, as well as a Newfoundland who is 5! When I'm not grooming I love spending time with my pups and training with them. Dilworth Dog Grooming allows me to not only enjoy grooming but also see the true personality of your pup emerge as they run and play with the other dogs or simply lay next to me as I take my quick break for lunch or writing notes. I love building connections with not only the dogs but the owners as well, ensuring that you are kept in the loop and feel comfortable leaving your pup in my hands every step of the way!!

Brenda - Groomer

My name is Brenda Huertas and I have been grooming for 2 years. Since I was a little girl I've had a strong connection with all kinds of animals; I just love them all from insects and plants to Elephants and everything in between. I was in retail management for years before I started following my dreams to work with the animals I love so much. After working in different settings like an emergency veterinary clinic and  doggie daycare, I landed my first grooming job and haven't looked back. My absolute dream is to one day have my own farm and sanctuary for rescues. I would give them all a loving environment where they can stay until it's their time to cross the rainbow bridge or be adopted to their forever home. In the future I'd love to travel the world to help different animal sanctuaries and learn grooming techniques from everywhere I visit. Until then I'd love to just volunteer at a shelter and groom at salons that show the utmost patience, love, and compassion for pets. 

Brittney - Groomer

My name is Brittany. I have 4 kids ranging from 2 years old to twelve. I also have one dog named Shelby Lynn Rogers. She is a 7 year old German shepherd mix. I have been a professional groomer for 8 years. Grooming has been in my blood before I was born  as my late mother was a grooming assistant and my grandmother and aunt being professional groomers  for 35+ years. This is not just a job, but a passion and one of the things I feel the most confident doing. I know I am where I am supposed to be. Every dog baby I have at my table gets my full attention and love. I just love all the wiggly butt love and kisses in return in making them feel the most fabulous they can be.

Josephine - Groomer

Kelli - Assistant Groomer

My Name is Kelli. This is my best friend, Gumbo. When we aren't hanging out in South End, we are out exploring. I've been working with dogs professionally for 5 years now and it's truthfully my passion and the best choice I've ever made.